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Help for Members Area and Discussion Forum Login System:
The login system automatically links to members records in the club office database. This means only current members with paid up subscriptions can access the exclusive members area pages and discussion forums. New members or those who have never registered on the TVRCC discussion forums will be able to select a username and password from the start and will be able to join in on the forums without further registration.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What usernames can I choose?

A - As this forum is for the sole use of TVRCC members we ask that you register with a recognisable rather than an anonymous name, or at the very least enter your real name in your profile within the forum 'settngs' or as a 'signature'. This especially applies to Regional Organisers and Commitee. The TVRCC exists to promote shared enjoyment of the marque and there should be no reason for any members to have to 'hide' behind anonymous nicknames. Anonymous users may have their accounts deleted at the TVRCCs discretion. Prior to the new password system (implemented early 2007) there was no way to enforce this, consequently you will see that some earlier registered members may have 'nicknames'. However there is no way that earlier registered names can be easily changed so the decision was made by the committee that anyone pre-registered keeps their username, but have been asked (as per the forum rules) to make sure their real name is in their signature and their profile. Back to FAQ's

Q - I cannot remember my username - what do I do?

A - Contact the TVRCC office telephone 01952 822126 email: Back to FAQ's

Q - I want to change my previously chosen username - is this possible?

A - It is not possible to change your username yourself so we have always advised that you choose carefully. In extreme cases if you must change your registered username for instance because of an obvious spelling mistake please contact the club office. You will need to provide your Full Name, the Email address you registered with, Your club membership number, your new preferred choice of username and the reason for wanting to change your username. This will only be changed at the discretion of the committee and may take some time to do. The committee do not allow username changes to 'nicknames' or anonymous non-recognisable names. Back to FAQ's

Q - I cannot remember my password - what do I do?

A - Contact the TVRCC office telephone 01952 822126 email: Back to FAQ's

Q - When submitting my registration I get an error; "This username has already been registered".

A - Someone has already chosen that username, you will need to choose another one. Back to FAQ's

Q - When submitting my registration I get an error; "this combination of membership number and postcode is not on our database".

A - This simply means that either your membership number or more likely your postcode on the club database is incorrect - try entering it again, if not then it could be because you have moved and your details have not been updated. Please contact the club office 01952 822126 to check and if neccesary update your details. There will be a delay of approx 24-48 hrs for the details to be updated on the website before you can try and register again. Back to FAQ's

Q - When submitting my registration I get an error; "this membership number is not on our database".

A - This may mean that you have entered your membership number incorrectly, or possibly if you have a membership number beginning with a 'zero' eg 0123456, try entering it without the leading zero eg 123456. Back to FAQ's

Q - When submitting my registration I get an error; "A username and password is already registered for this membership number".

A - You have already successfully registered using this username and password. You do not need to complete the registration again, just login as normal. Back to FAQ's

Q - Once I have submitted my registration form, how do I access the members area in future?

A - If you have 'cookies' turned on in your browser (they usually are as default setting) then the system will remember you and you will get straight in with no login request by simply clicking on a members area button or via a saved bookmark/favourite. Back to FAQ's

Q - I do not have a postcode or zip code so cannot submit a registration.

A - There are a very small number of overseas members who do not have a postcode or zip code - if you are one of these members please contact the Club Office 01952 822126. In most cases there will be a zip code we can use for you, alternatively a country code or similar can be added to so there is something in this field. Once the office have added a code you will be able to register using it approx 24hrs later. Back to FAQ's

In the event of any other issues, error messages or problems:
If you have any queries or see any other error messages not shown above, then please contact the club office 01952 822126.